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The waterproof split leather repels water and non-greasy liquids, that is, they are not resistant to wine, oils and other fats.

However, keep in mind that the shoes have cuts through which water could penetrate.

If they get wet, remove the insole and let the shoe dry naturally without exposing it to heat sources.

Once dry, rub them carefully with a microfiber cloth.

For the treatment to last over time, it is advisable to periodically apply a special protective spray for hydrophobing, especially if they get wet frequently.

If they get dirty, our advice is to wait until the stain is dry and then brush with a special brush for suede/split leather.

There are also specific erasers for this type of material.

A very comfortable sneaker thanks to its Comfort Insole that is removable, breathable, washable and moisture-wicking.

It is made of rubber sole and 100% cotton cut.

Its intentional worn effect, with slight differences in color and slight wrinkles in the cut, makes each pair unique and unrepeatable and in no case should they be considered a manufacturing defect.

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