A few Pitas for Father's Day? Of course

A few Pitas for Father's Day? Of course

You still remember how he got up early on Sundays to accompany you to your competitions and got discouraged cheering you on, how he left his back teaching you to ride a bike, or how, on weekends, he got up in the middle of the night to go pick you up at the exit of the disco.

There is only one person in the world capable of doing that with a smile on his lips. Yes, we are talking about your father. You've always been his right eye. With a glance you got him to give you permission to arrive later or to buy you those cool sneakers that you had become infatuated with.

Well, now the time has come to give him back part of those attentions and to be the one who gives him the coolest shoes. This way you will get him to take off those boring loafers or those classic sneakers and change them for some Pitas.

At just 150 grams in weight, the WP 150 are feather-light. They are flexible and stylish thanks to their thermoformed EVA sole, the outer sawdust and the matching herringbone inner lining. The WP 150 are available in three formats: wallabi, boot and nautical.

And for your father to continue at the foot of the canyon, ready to support you in your new adventures, nothing better than some Hiro, some Mylos, some Corfu or some Rhodes. With its urban aesthetic, you will see how its looks and character are rejuvenated.

Leave colognes and ties and give him some Pitas for Father's Day. You will make him feel that he is still the rooster of the pen.

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